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Finance, Administration, and Intergovernmental Relations (FAIR) Steering Committee
In addition, the steering committee is recommending an overhaul of the current "Environmental Quality" section of the EENR chapter.
Policy committee appointments will be made in January 2002 shortly after the steering committees are confirmed.
The meeting of the steering committee will be held on Saturday at the AICC office.
for instance, might not be feasible, the Steering Committee is able to do so because Iceland has only 306,000 inhabitants on an island roughly the size of the state of Kentucky.
He is chief executive of the Veterinary Laboratories Agency (VLA) in the United Kingdom, president of the OIE Biological Standards Commission, and chair of the steering committee for OFFLU.
The steering committee has looked at various institutions as potential models for ONE U, such as the University of Northern British Columbia, and University Institute of Technology in Durham Region.
The firm's Frank Percesepe was chairman of the Best Practices Guide Committee and was involved with the steering committee of the Pride on The Workplace Initiative.
Fred Bergsten and the Institute of International Economics, which calls for the creation of a "New Steering Committee for the World Economy" to replace the "illegitimate" G-7--currently the failed, de facto steering committee of the world economy.
IN the event of Coleraine Football Club, as presently constituted, being declared bankrupt next Wednesday, a steering committee has been formed with a view to establishing a football club in Coleraine.
Luehrsen, director of public affairs and government relations, has been named to the steering committee for the Mini-Conference on Creativity and Aging, an official planning advisory council of the White House Conference on Aging.

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