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Although it is important to have a representative steering committee consisting of major creditors to the debtor, if the steering committee is too large, it may complicate the task of the creditors considerably.
To explore the effectiveness of steering committees on reducing IS problems, the authors present a conceptual model that relates MIS steering committees and firm size to four formalized and systematic IS planning practices.
I am excited that the Enterprise Grid Alliance is launching its European Regional Steering Committee while participating in our GGF12 event in Brussels," said Mark Linesch, chairman, Global Grid Forum.
The steering committees also addressed emergency communications operability subsequent to the failure of communications systems during Hurricane Katrina.
The Information Technology and Communications Steering Committee will meet in conjunction with the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA) annual meeting in Washington D.
the TIS Steering Committee met to discuss legislative strategy to restore municipal authority to regulate tow trucks.
Applications for steering committee slots are available from your state municipal league, from Keith Kirk in the NLC Center for Policy and Federal Relations (kirk@nlc.
September 29 is the deadline for chair and vice chair applications and November 10 for steering committee member applications.
A majority of the Public Safety and Crime Prevention (PSCP) Steering Committee members arrived in Oklahoma City a day before the committee's meeting to address three issues: ways to better engage policy committee members in the policy process; how to ensure input of small cities in public safety policy development, and diversion of juveniles with mental disorders from the criminal justice system.
Once the policy committees establish the year's agenda, it becomes the responsibility of the six steering committees to respond.
Steering Committees are responsible for analyzing and preparing draft policy and resolution recommendations on those priority issues identified by the policy committees at their initial March meeting.
The key spot for shaping cities' direction and voice at the federal level is on one of NLC's steering committees.

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