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Although it is important to have a representative steering committee consisting of major creditors to the debtor, if the steering committee is too large, it may complicate the task of the creditors considerably.
I am excited that the Enterprise Grid Alliance is launching its European Regional Steering Committee while participating in our GGF12 event in Brussels," said Mark Linesch, chairman, Global Grid Forum.
The steering committees also addressed emergency communications operability subsequent to the failure of communications systems during Hurricane Katrina.
The Information Technology and Communications Steering Committee will meet in conjunction with the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA) annual meeting in Washington D.
the TIS Steering Committee met to discuss legislative strategy to restore municipal authority to regulate tow trucks.
Applications for steering committee slots are available from your state municipal league, from Keith Kirk in the NLC Center for Policy and Federal Relations (kirk@nlc.
All chair/vice chair and steering committee appointments are for one (1) year.
This subcommittee was chaired by Councilmember Linda Harper-Brown, Irving, Texas and resulted in three recommendations that the whole Steering Committee later endorsed.
Also during the Congressional City Conference, the steering committees will each hold organizational meetings to schedule dates and locations for their two work sessions.
At the annual Congress of Cities, the Policy Committees review the work of their Steering Committee and adopt final policy recommendations for consideration by the general membership.
Steering committees consist of approximately 35 members and meet several times a year: during the Congressional City Conference, with the policy committee during the Congress of Cities, and at least once in the spring and fall.
The Enterprise Grid Alliance (EGA), a consortium formed to develop enterprise grid solutions and accelerate the deployment of grid computing in enterprises, today initiated regional activity with the formation of the Japan Regional Steering Committee (JRSC) to promote grid adoption in Asia Pacific.

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