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British Blue x steers - PS1,075 Anick Bank Foot, PS945, PS910 & PS890 West Hepple.
av 80; Angus bulls to 335, av 335; steers to 368, av 349; bulls heifers to 275, av 273; Limousin bulls to 555, av 555; steers to 680, av 592; heifers to 750, av 503; Hereford steers to 305, av 305; Charolais steers to 655, av 605; heifers to 500, av 500; Simmental steers to 545, av 521; heifers to 440, av 411; Blonde steers to 550, av 500; heifers to 590, av 466; British Blue steers to 620, av 519; heifers to 288, av 288; Saler heifers to 275, av 275.
Skid steers, in general, tend to have a lower initial purchase price, says Gregg Zupancic, product marketing manager for skid steers and corn pact track loaders for John Deere.
Scott said he loves the adrenaline rush of hanging off the side of a running horse and jumping on a steer, but he is driven more by a desire to impress his father and to make him proud.
Strong Calves (34): Lim steers to pounds 510; Lim heifers to pounds 450; Angus heifer pounds 345.
Compact equipment like mini-excavators and skid steers have become indispensable tools for demolition contractors and C&D recyclers--and they're likely to stay that way.
With an arsenal of attachments at its disposal, the skid steer is among the most versatile pieces of equipment a recycler can employ, a real virtue in a time of rising fuel and operating costs.
The dog not only threatened Steers but brutally attacked her Shih Tzu dog before Gonzales shot the pit bull to death.
Coulters mounted on the back of the implement act as a rudder to steer the implement to the desired position.
00 Store Cattle: Limousin x steers to pounds 825; Hereford x steer to pounds 770; Welsh Black x steers to pounds 750; Charolais x steers to pounds 480, heifers to pounds 745 Weaned Calves: Belgian Blue x steers to pounds 600; Welsh Black x steers to pounds 540; Limousin x steers to pounds 540, heifers to pounds 445; Holstein Friesian x steer to pounds 350.
The sale was topped at pounds 790 by an outstanding 15-month Limousin cross steer from Stotsfold whose consignment of 12, 14 and 15-month-old Limousin steers averaged pounds 709.
Some recyclers and MRF operators prefer wheel loaders to skid steers because of their power and versatility, but this mobile material handling machine can offer other benefits, as well.