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Tomorrow, the Galabankies are at home to Clyde, 3pm kick-off Line-up Montrose: Fleming, Masson, Steeves,Watson, Dillon, Bolochoweckyj, Milne (Trialist 85 min), Fotheringham (Callaghan 60 min), Fraser,Templeman (Johnstone 73 min), Redman.
Bookings: Todd 4 foul; Thompson 7 foul; See 90 foul; MONTROSE: Fleming 6, Masson 7, Steeves 7, Watson 6, Dillon 6, Bolochoweckyj 6, Webster 6 (McLaren 76), Callaghan 6 (Milne 67), Fraser 7, Templeman 6 (Rennie 67),Redman 6.
Things got worse for City when Steeves doubled the leaders' advantage in 55 minutes before Redman sealed it.
The breakthrough came in the 30th minute when Johnston headed in a cross from the left by Steeves, the striker finding the net from only five yards out.
For Turner and Steeves, the decision hit close to home: they had been living together for more than 20 years, and had often wondered if they would see the day when they could be married in an Anglican church.
In fact, says Steeves, a couple of projects which couldn't receive grant dollars this way, are still on the congregation's radar.
Steeves writes about the so-called "soft" protection of the trade secret.
Steeves have been Emerson's chief legal officer since 2007.
Grade 10: Sarah Barakian, high honors, Emily Conway, honors; Grace Cormier, honors; Matthew Erickson, honors; Anna O'Connell, highest honors; and Ryan Steeves, honors.
The combined entity brings together the strengths of both businesses, allowing New Steris to accomplish much more than either one of us could separately," Synergy Health CEO Richard Steeves said.
Mayoral candidate Gord Steeves has made it clear he will freeze property taxes, put the brakes on bus rapid transit expansion, and keep up the barriers at Portage and Main.
Annie Steeves, a 2014 graduate of the University of New Hampshire and student member of APHA, used her connections with on-campus organizations to host far-reaching events, including a sunset hike and an outdoor yoga class that drew everyone from seasoned yogis to fraternity brothers.