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The Celution(TM) System will extract and concentrate a stem and regenerative cell-enriched fraction that will be delivered to the affected areas of the breast and subcutaneous tissue.
While studying blood-producing stem cells in mouse fetal tissue, Lindquist's colleague Cheng Cheng Zhang noticed that PrP was present on the cells' surfaces.
Currently, tumor stem cells have been isolated and characterized in several hematologic malignancies and some solid tumors.
Heralded as the salvation for a host of human ills, stem cells have become a growing presence in our lives.
We know that nonmammalian vertebrates have the capacity for hair cell regeneration through the proliferation of specialized cells called stem cells that are thought to reside in the sensory epithelium of the ear.
Stem cells were originally dubbed "miracle cells" by researchers, because of their potential to treat or cure many human diseases (for more on stem cells, see Science World, Nov.
And it caught many scientists off guard, who were initially surprised and encouraged to learn that so many stem cell lines would be available shortly (part of their early encouragement was due to the fact that most had expected Bush to ban federal funding outright).
The President said that he would allow federal funding--but only on approximately 60 stem cell lines that have already been cultivated (grown).
law, which allows public funds to support stem cell research on embryos obtained from in-vitro fertilization clinics, is expected to be tightened under the Bush administration.