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Stemless designs completely avoid diaphyseal instrumentation and fixation and resect the humeral head at the anatomic neck.
The Byzantine nuemes provide far more guidance in interpretation of this chant than the stemless black and white notes.
Crescend-O is the fourth special pink stemless glass the company has created to benefit breast cancer awareness.
The different versions are printed in stemless noteheads on modern five-line staves, ligatures being indicated by slurs, some conjecturally reconstructed.
Page 111 (middle left): Stemless wineglass from Pottery Barn ($42 for six; www.
He believes there are potential benefits of stemless cherries in terms of export.
It is a small, almost stemless perennial that bears a yellow flower.
The Aequalis[TM] Ascend[TM] and the Simpliciti[TM] stemless shoulder system continued to drive market share gains globally.
It's okay to go stemless when it comes to your glass selection.
Twenty-three karat gold and 12k white gold leaf are rolled on to the glass bubble while these stemless wine glasses are being handblown.
Tickets are $25, which includes an etched stemless wine glass.
American Harvest, the organic spirit from Sidney Frank Importing, is highlighting a holiday gift set including a 750 ml bottle and a stemless Martini glass etched 6 with the American Harvest logo.