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Bringing in the learnings from the west, we at Global Hospitals decided to go ahead with stemless implant; used for the first time in India for shoulder replacement surgery.
7 Luna Stemless Humeral Prosthesis (Shoulder Options)
Additionally, the rapid growth of stemless devices has been driven by market factors.
It is an annual stemless herb which is variable in size.
Unfortunately, by using stemless black or white "void notes," Troelsgard ignores the Byzantine prevalence of having the rhythmic meter of the Greek text indicate the type of Byzantine neumes used by composers.
Let's not forget the wine - a bottle of fragrant Alsatian wine such as Gewurztraminer or Pinot Blanc, which because of its perfumed summery flavour, can be drunk out of stemless glasses or beakers; and for dessert: fresh strawberries or raspberries eaten straight from the punnet.
Stemless wine glasses served as individual cake domes topped with chocolate-covered strawberries.
Rosulate stemless lithophytic or very rarely epiphytic herbs, flowering 2-4 m tall, with solitary tank rosettes to 1.
Sweet cherry consumers are accustomed to their cherries having stems, but research has shown that consumers can make the transition to stemless sweet cherries.
s Simpliciti stemless shoulder joint replacement system has reached two milestone events: The first patient has been enrolled and treated successfully as part of a U.
vera is a stemless succulent plant that grows to height of 60-100 cm.
Crocus sativus L stigma, commonly known as saffron, is a perennial stemless herb of the Iridaceae family that is widely cultivated in Iran and other countries, including India and Greece (Rios et al.