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The stemlike cells he works with are called dendritic cells and they are the generals of the immune system.
It will give us the opportunity to produce stemlike cells from an individual patient and differentiate them into a cell of choice for transplantation without the use of a human egg.
Description--Fruiting bodies: Oval to pear-shaped with a stemlike sterile base; 1.
They develop from small stemlike parts of the peanut plant called pegs, which grow down into the dirt at the base of the plant.
In the leaf, reports of a petiole and midrib endodermis should perhaps be considered separately from those of vascular bundles in the lamina, because petiole and midrib are more stemlike than leaflike in structure and function.
But jointed goatgrass seeds, hidden in stemlike segments that give the weed its name, can ruin seedgrowers' profits.
The Katajisto laboratory is now exploring how old mitochondria differ from old, and whether this phenomenon occurs in other cell types beyond the human mammary stemlike cells examined here as well as in in vivo.