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She says five bundles of five stems each is far easier to manage than 25 individual stems.
Bjornson of the University of Washington in Seattle, and their colleagues describe the neural stem cell transplants in the Jan.
PLX-I cells posses these immune privileged characteristics without carrying the associated social stigmata of embryonic stem cells because PLX-I cells come from the placenta.
Stem cells, both embryonic and adult, may not, as previously believed, regenerate damaged tissues simply by producing youthful, multipotent cells, but may instead have a more complex, poorly understood function that calls into question the way they provide therapeutic utility, according to an editorial in the August 2005 issue (Volume 14, Number 4) of Stem Cells and Development, a peer-reviewed journal published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
As cord blood increasingly takes front and center stage as a critical source of stem cells for transplants, it has driven the need for consistent quality standards to ensure the safety and efficacy of this life-saving therapy.
Currently, tumor stem cells have been isolated and characterized in several hematologic malignancies and some solid tumors.
You might extract a stem cells, however, either from the patient's bone marrow or from an embryonic or fetal source.
The answer: stem cells--microscopic ball-like cells that form after the zygote divides several times (see diagram, p.
Nowhere is this strange alliance more important, or its philosophical underpinnings more apparent, than in the debate over stem cell research.
The licensing agreement provides Stem Cell with certain rights to Pluristem's PLX I product and 3-D stem cell expansion capability, in exchange for an upfront fee of 23 million shares of Stem Cell's common stock, milestone payments and royalties.
Thus far, embryonic stem cells have been isolated from some biomedically important nonhuman research models.
He said the grants will allow the faculty members to move forward with promising embryonic stem cell research.