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However, preterm birth, small for gestational age, and neonatal Apgar scores below 7 are quite common in pregnancies involving severe aortic stenosis, as defined by a prepregnancy transaortic peak gradient of 64 mm Hg or more, according to Dr.
Clinical evaluation is usually sufficient for making a diagnosis of mitral stenosis (1).
In the operating room, she was found to have a stenosis of 5 mm in diameter.
Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of spaces in the spine (backbone) which causes pressure on the spinal cord and nerves.
It is also common to have a bile collection adjacent to the cut edge of the liver in the case of a split liver transplant, which may on occasion be associated with stenosis at the hepaticojejunal anastomosis.
Spinal stenosis is characterized by the narrowing of the canal of the spinal cord and of the base of the nerve roots, and at the areas where the nerve roots emit the spine to innervate the tissues.
The study is the first to definitively link asymptomatic carotid stenosis with symptomatic cognitive impairment, primary investigator Brajesh K.
Right now, the pathophysiologic link between stenosis and cognition remains unclear.
Low-normal ejection fraction in patients with mitral stenosis was reproduced in first echocardiographic studies (7).
Doppler US revealed evidence of renal artery stenosis of the transplanted kidney with a main renal artery resistive index of 0.
They randomly assigned 400 participants with painful central lumbar spinal stenosis who were to receive an epidural injection of either lidocaine alone or lidocaine plus a glucocorticoid.