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After a lull of a few moments, one man cried out, 'Stone him;' another, 'Duck him;' another, in a stentorian voice, 'No Popery
In another second or two, the nightcap was thrust out of the chaise-window, and a stentorian voice bellowed to the driver to stop: which he did, as soon as he could pull up his horses.
he exclaimed, raising his stentorian voice till the arches around rung again, ``to the battlements, or I will splinter your bones with this truncheon
For days, weeks, nay months, Billy Kirby would toil with an ardor that evinced his native spirit, and with an effect that seemed magical, until, his chopping being ended, his stentorian lungs could be heard emitting sounds, as he called to his patient oxen, which rang through the hills like the cries of an alarm.
My good sir," the old woman continued in a stentorian voice, "what are you standing THERE for, with your eyes almost falling out of your head?
Jemmy recognised the stentorian voice of one of his brothers at a prodigious distance.
She was a pleasant-looking woman of about forty, with a deep voice, almost manly in its stentorian tones, and had a large sensible square body, with feet to match--these last encased in good thick boots.
Among those who were ever and again left behind, staring after the equipage, were many youthful spirits, who hailed it in stentorian tones with such congratulations as 'Nod-dy Bof-fin
Conflicts are resolved with innovation and imagination, not by shrill slogans and stentorian and moralistic press statements.
An 'Old versus Young Ravians' debate was held here on Tuesday at the Government College University Lahore where a team of highly respected, sagacious and learned Old Ravians defended the acts of their generations against fierce arguments of stentorian orators of the university's Debating Society.
Other semi-finalists included the Stentorian Saxophone Quartet, University of Oklahoma, Jonathan Nichol, coach, third-place winners in the 2016-2017 MTNA National Chamber Music Wind Competition; Beta Flute Quartet, West Virginia University, Nina Assimakopoulus, coach, Eastern Division Chamber Music Wind Competition Alternate; and the Resurgam Saxophone Quartet, University of Hartford, Carrie Koffman, coach, Eastern Division Chamber Music Wind Honorable Mention.
Crowds of careless, high- spirited boys and girls screamed and giggled, their shrill voices echoing above the pulsating dynamos, the blare of roundabouts, high above the sharp crack of bullets at the miniature rifle ranges and the stentorian cries of the sideshow barkers.