step aside

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Four senior executives were asked to step aside last month when Tesco T revealed that its most recent profits warning to the City in August was much was much A too optimistic.
I suggested, let him step aside until September, but he said he is not going to resign," said Bindra.
One thing is certain, Gethin is in no mood to step aside and allow Rees to make a voluntary defence.
Our message is clear: to the people of Syria, the world stands by you, and we will not ignore your plight in the face of ongoing violence; to the Assad regime, the time has come to end the flagrant abuses of the human rights of your people and to step aside so that Syria can transition peacefully and democratically," she concluded.
Following Obama's statement, the EU also called on Assad "to step aside," an action that AJC also applauded.
William Hague , on arrival at a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg, said he hoped Turkey would use its influence on Damascus to tell the regime that "they are losing legitimacy, that Assad should reform or step aside.
SDLP leader Mark Durkan said the decision to step aside will not do away with the need for further inquiries.
The chief of the central bank of Mauritius has said that he is ready to step aside if asked by the government.
However, the Durham paceman also insists he will not hesitate to step aside if the selectors decide his time as an international bowler is over.
Abdullah has been under intense pressure to step aside since BN turned in its worst-ever performance in the general election in March.
I believe that 2011 is the right time for me personally to step aside.
Tory Coun Walker said that the libel action was damaging the city's reputation and has put for warda question to council leader RodneyBerman calling on him to ask Coun McEvoy to step aside.