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Pottstown School District in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, collaboration with Step By Step Learning over the past 3 years has produced a tremendous increase in the number of students who are reading on grade level.
We feel that our investment with Step By Step Learning has definitely paid dividends since so many children have improved so quickly.
Randy Miller, Director of Curriculum for Laurel Highlands School District reflects, "We had done DIBELS assessments for the past four years and we had never seen the increase [in reading scores] that we saw last year with the Step By Step Learning process.
Components can be implemented step by step to meet your company's changing needs, and its multi-site capabilities and support for mixed-mode manufacturing make it easier to extend your business into new markets.
Titles in the "Step by Step" self-paced training series include "Microsoft Word 97 Step by Step" (ISBN 1-57231-313-7); "Microsoft Word 97 Step by Step, Advanced Topics" (ISBN 1-57231-563-6); "Microsoft Excel 97 Step by Step" (ISBN 1-57231-314-5); "Microsoft Excel 97 Step by Step, Advanced Topics" (ISBN 1-57231-564-4); "Microsoft Access 97 Step by Step" (ISBN 1-57231-316-1); "Microsoft PowerPoint(R) 97 Step by Step" (ISBN 1-57231-315-3); "Microsoft Outlook(TM) 97 Step by Step" (ISBN 1-57231-382-X); and "Microsoft FrontPage(R) 97 Step by Step" (ISBN 1-57231-336-6).
95, VHS from Step by Step Dancing, 800-531-1320), with which he says almost any couple can quickly learn to perform a wedding waltz and other dances as well.