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Drill hole GAZN-10-19; a 25 metre northern step out from GAZN-10-17,
The first three holes each intersected between 196 metres and 251 metres of mineralisation and were drilled as step outs to the west of the main Buccaneer Porphyry Gold Deposit including:
The aim of this program is to provide step outs from the known current ore-zones and also includes a vertical hole to assess structural controls on mineralisation (BCRC1000017).
Automated trade blocking and execution - including sponsor connectivity, step outs, trade-aways and direct market access
The most recent drilling at Adriana has focused on testing deeper parts of the system in a series of wide step outs ranging from 500 metres to 1,300 metres.
Five of the six holes were completed as step outs to the south and west of the existing resource area at the North Lake Zone (86.