step up

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From the start, Step Up has worked to convince local businesses that it's in their interest to help ease the poverty rate.
A successful organisation is often a far cry from a well-known one and I instantly understood which category Step Up fell into when working with them earlier in the year.
Step ups are fantastic; they work our heart and lungs, improve our balance and can also be varied to work different areas of our legs.
When you step up, your knee should not be higher than your hip and should be at a 90 degree angle or less.
Balance exercise Start with a sensible paced mile then find a bench/small wall to step up and down or do the more advanced jump (see exercise of the week).
159s was broken by Nicola Spessato Most aerobic step ups in 30 seconds Marwan Tariq Salim Mohammed Ali 51 step ups Guinness World Records at the Dubai Fitness Challenge at Dubai Festival City Most side to side hops in 30 seconds Kushtrim Hetemi from Kosovo 99 hops Fastest time to complete 50 football passes by a team of 2 Kushtrim Hetemi and Labinot Zaneli from Kosovo in 27.