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The remaining cases were sporadically identified on the surgical step-down unit (n = 4) and in general surgery/gastroenterology units (n = 2).
Patients who were 18 years or older, who had an EVD inserted and were admitted into the neurological/neurosurgical intensive care (ICU) step-down unit at the Foothills Medical Centre were invited to participate in the study.
And the very first nursing unit to try it was Unit 12 North, which is an abdominal transplant step-down unit.
The 24- bed adult surgical-trauma step-down unit had each bed equipped with a patient monitor (M1 204, Philips Medical, Bothell, WA) displaying HR (3-lead electrocardiogram), RR (2-lead bioimpedance), BP (intermittent noninvasive cuff with minimum frequency every 2 hours) and SpO2 (pulse oximeter).
A second project comprising a detached 10-bed step-down unit in Holywell, Flintshire, will replace the existing cottage hospital and will be complete in October 2012.
She also held positions in the 350th Evacuation Hospital, Canton, OH, and as Head Nurse of a Cardiac Step-Down Unit at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
By creating a nurse triage system that collaborated with patient placement, the step-down unit gained the authority to push back if admissions weren't appropriate.
She collaborated with both the step-down unit manager and other ICU managers to plan a method for us to handle other ICU admissions and allow Mr.
AF was moved to the neuroscience step-down unit (NSU) 2 days later.
They interviewed both surgeons and cardiologists, CVICU nurses, step-down unit nurses, social worker, dietitian, pharmacist, tx administrator, and tx coordinators.
We started to watch the weather 10 days out," said Joan Casey, medical coordinator at the finish line and nurse manager of a step-down unit at Caritas Hospital in Norwood, Massachusetts.
In the study, O'Boyle compared the time involved in conventional handwashing to using gels by observing the routine in an intensive care step-down unit.