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STEP-DAUGHTER. In Latin privigna, is the daughter of one's wife, or of one's husband.

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And if Danielle really wants to make this stepfamily work - don't make a TV documentary about it
We have been continually impressed by the caliber of experts that want to contribute to Your Stepfamily," said Sharon Stober Editorial Director, Your Stepfamily.
Unfortunately, holidays are often best known for the strain created for families, and that strain increases exponentially for stepfamilies," said Sharon Stober of Your Stepfamily.
Your Stepfamily will provide insight into different methods of dealing with, and overcoming some of the problems around these difficult circumstances.
Being recognized by ABC and Good Morning America is a great plus for Your Stepfamily magazine, its editors, and advertisers," said Sharon Stober, Editorial Director of Your Stepfamily.
Accept that stepfamily members don't have to love each other, so contain your expectations.
The September/October charter issue of the bi-monthly publication Your Stepfamily will be mailed to 50,000 readers on August 20.
HOWEVER happy you may be in your new relationship, a stepfamily is founded on a tragedy - death, divorce or separation - which involves pain, rejection and loss.
For more help, ring Stepfamily Scotland on 0131 225 5800.
The magazine is offering two free issues when readers subscribe for a full-year of Your Stepfamily.
Mikey leaves behind his sisters, Angela (Mike) Pigoni and Sarah (Kevin) Smart; nephews and niece, Michael, Joey, Justin, and Charlotte; stepfamily, Tina Stevens, Alex (Brian) Seiler, and Michael Stevens; his grandfather, John Gianforte, and an army of aunts, uncles, and cousins who loved him dearly.