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Three of the players who emerged from the 16-player semi-final field to the stepladder finals were no surprise.
Make sure you can lock the spreaders in place on stepladders.
Even if you're only up it for a second, the stepladder should always be opened fully, so it locks in place, and shouldn't wobble when you're on it.
There are two main types: stepladders (the type with four feet) and straight ladders (the type with two feet).
While I was slipping four of my rubber hunting boots over the legs on my stepladder
Quite who it was aimed at is anybody's guess, but he'd have needed a stepladder to threaten Lennox's chin, especially as the Brit was standing on a two-foot high soapbox at the time.
I made my first astronomical mounting by piling a couple of my mother's sofa pillows on a short stepladder, nestling the binoculars on top of the pillows.
The Stepladder Extension Unit: Every time you have the stepladders out of the garage and up the stairs you are infuriated to find that they are too short to let you reach the lid to the loft.
Whereas Irish and Italians were able to climb a generational stepladder from canal diggers to factory workers to white-collar professionals, Suro argues the ladder is now missing its middle rungs.
The age-blocks may be in ascending series--1, 2, 3--like the proverbial stepladder family.
SPRINGVILLE, Utah -- Creatively designed to meet the needs of all homeowners, the new patented Select Step[TM] Adaptive StepLadder[TM] easily adjusts to a 5-, 6-, 7- or 8-foot stepladder that can be safely used on stairs or sloping ground.
Defending champion Far Eastern University-Diliman and University of Santo Tomas (UST) square off today in a knockout game at the start of the UAAP Season 80 juniors basketball stepladder semifinals at the Blue Eagle gym in Quezon City.