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With that, they stepped back again, keeping their faces towards the crowd; took each an arm of the misguided nobleman; drew him into the passage, and shut the door; which they directly locked and fastened on the inside.
And Manonmie, patently relieved, stepped back, while Sheldon entered the fine in the plantation labour journal.
Thus spake the king on the right, and seized the hand of Zarathustra in order to kiss it; but Zarathustra checked his veneration, and stepped back frightened, fleeing as it were, silently and suddenly into the far distance.
But at last her task was finished, and she stepped back with a low cry of delight.
Beauty Smith slipped the chain from his neck and stepped back.
Tim Keenan gave a final shove forward and stepped back again.
He stepped back one pace, and blew his nose loudly.