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20 ( ANI ): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Sunday said Minister of Agriculture Sharad Pawar was a clever politician because he stepped back from contesting six months back as he had already realized that there was a BJP wave in the country.
We may have stepped back from the edge but we've still a lot more pain to come.
JUST before our party conference I pulled my name from the list of nominees for the party's executive and stepped back to allow others the experience.
His support of the proposal sparked ire at home and abroad, with some EU members grousing that the prime minister had stepped back from his public commitments to alter the nation's constitution and laws promoting human rights and democracy.
Because when he stepped back up to the edge of the stage, into that spotlight, that other man vanished.
BIRTHDAY baker Brace's has stepped back in time to make a special delivery to celebrate its centenary year.
As the officers stepped back to make a thorough observation of the vehicle, the operator started the vehicle and fled the lot.
After meeting in 1980 and discovering their mutual fascination with days gone by, the pair--partners in work and life--ignored the looming 21st century and stepped back to the turn of the 20th.
Humphrey, who had been chairman of the board of trustees during the 1980s, has stepped back into that position, replacing Susan Y.
As June 6, 1944, dawned, a German artillery major scanning the English Channel from Normandy could not believe his eyes: "I picked up my artillery binoculars and stepped back with amazement when I saw that the horizon was literally filling with ships.
It is stepped back from the landmarked blue terra cotta McGraw Hill Building next door, but its base portion will have floorplates of some 65,000 square feet, making them attractive for even a NASDAQ operation.