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Using the metaphor of "jumping the shark," this essay will discuss the timing and reasons driving a director's decision to leave an honors program, focusing on some reasons why somebody should not step down, some reasons why they should, and some matters to consider during and after stepping down.
Add to these examples notorious cases of CEOs leaving after mergers with fat pay for stepping down.
Three months later, Chappell announced that a trio of financial veterans was to take over the bank, and that she was stepping down as chairman of the board.
She has held this part-time role since stepping down as Global CEO in July 2002 to battle cancer.
The Securities Exchange Commission's (SEC) enforcement chief, who led the agency's enforcement overhaul in the wake of the Madoff scandal, is stepping down.
SARAH Nelson is stepping down as Glendale Agricultural Society (GAS) Secretary after eight years in the role.
Michael Armstrong is stepping down from the post after investors blamed him for failing to adequately oversee the risk-management process of the bank in recent months.
WASHINGTON _ He doesn't expect anyone to believe him, but AOL Time Warner CEO Gerald Levin steadfastly maintains that he is stepping down because of tragedies, personal and public, and a desire to return the poetry to his life.