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Step by step she went up, dragging herself by the railing.
"Do not give yourself the trouble, my lord," said D'Artagnan, with his right foot forward, his beaver in his hand, a smile on his face, "we have followed your eminence step by step and here we are."
Be that as it may, it always seemed to me that I moved with greater speed and agility within Pellucidar than upon the outer surface--there was a certain airy lightness of step that was most pleasing, and a feeling of bodily detachment which I can only compare with that occasionally experienced in dreams.
By a quick side step, Tarzan eluded the first swinging clutch of the lion's paws.
"Well, well, if it was fastened the steps could have nothing to do with the matter.
Ah, of course, here is a hole in the roof." With great activity, considering his bulk, he sprang up the steps and squeezed through into the garret, and immediately afterwards we heard his exulting voice proclaiming that he had found the trap-door.
Besides the two drunken men he had met on the steps, a group consisting of about five men and a girl with a concertina had gone out at the same time.
Taking a new step, uttering a new word is what they fear most.
She has a fruitful imagination, and the second act of the comedy will not delay its steps after the first."
But this time Milady lent a more attentive ear than the first, and she heard their steps die away in the distance of the corridor.
With the self-satisfaction of a man on parade, he stepped lightly with his muscular legs as if sailing along, stretching himself to his full height without the smallest effort, his ease contrasting with the heavy tread of the soldiers who were keeping step with him.
And I step aside--see here--and leave you and Jim alone.