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It has long been known that stereo separation is decreased when each ear hears the sound from both speakers.
Measurements are conducted quickly, as a five-point frequency response plus THD+N, stereo separation, and stereo phase test is typically conducted in less than 15 seconds, including inquiry and connect time.
The soundstaging and stereo separation is also much better than what one would expect from speakers in this price range.
Second, the Steradian incorporates circuitry that works to increase stereo separation at lower frequencies.
In smaller-sized stereo products such as iPods[R] and MP3 docking stations, speakers are very close together, minimizing the listener's ability to hear good stereo separation.
Nor is there a tremendously wide stereo separation, but, rather, the natural spread of a actual orchestra set back a short distance behind one's speakers, slightly elevated, in a conventional quarter circle.
CSR's Stereo SDK supports DSP-based music enhancements including 3D stereo separation, five-band equaliser and dynamic range control to improve the end user music listening experience.
A semitransparent mirror is positioned at a bisecting angle between the two monitors that, when combined with polarizing glasses, generates the stereo separation.