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Perceived size and perceived distance in stereoscopic vision and an Analysis of their causal relations.
The fluorescence illumination reveals which organisms are producing the fluorescent protein, and the stereoscopic vision makes it easy to grasp and manipulate them with forceps.
The interaction effect reflects the fact that stereoscopic vision reduces positioning errors by 36% (relative to monoscopic vision) under virtual hand control and by 46% under cursor conditions.
And I believe this stereoscopic vision is a precondition for communicating in the multi-colored markets.
PHOTO : will likely have stereoscopic vision, arms and hands for general manipulation, and
Just like a human's stereoscopic vision with both eyes open, 3D enables clarity even at the edge of your field of view.
Dr Chopin highlighted that the results were surprising considering that other professions, such as surgery and dentistry, were not linked to improved stereoscopic vision.