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While this space seems counterintuitive, the fact that the air curtain acts as a continuous exhaust, as a protective curtain, and as a means of controlling the air motion of the laminar allows this space to exist while still ensuring proper downward and outward flow from the sterile field.
He notes that while needle-less systems increase healthcare-worker safety, "they do provide a false sense of security to some healthcare workers who do not realize that the IV tubes and vials do not provide a sterile field.
The wrap is sealed to the flange of the tray, thus combining the sterile field and tray into one integrated unit that provides increased stability and integrity.
Moreover, surgical sterile fields are expected to be changed more often during invasive procedures as hospitals and outpatient surgery centers seek to eliminate the persisting problem of nosocomial infections.
The optics based scanning solution sits in the sterile field and can scan data matrix (2D) codes.
The current recommendation states, "When there is an unanticipated delay, or during periods of increased activity, a sterile field that has been prepared and will not be immediately used may be covered with a sterile drape.
In this situation, we observed the significant impact of factors that might at first seem innocuous, such as how the sterilization trays are organized or how the instrument is placed on the sterile field.
The packaging is designed to minimize the hassle of assembly in the sterile field and includes Velcro straps to keep the ESU wire well organized and a drape clip to keep the tubing within the sterile field.
In addition to the Rack Docking System, the Surgical Hawk 2102 XDI is equipped with a unique sterilizable Palm Control Unit(TM) that enables surgeons to adjust and control the scanner in the sterile field.
The wireless technology of the PressureWire Aeris also eliminates cables crossing the sterile field, reducing risk of contamination, and making the entire procedure faster and easier.
Automation and integration of implants in the sterile field is now possible.
Instead, this coil is secured directly to the sterile field, and provides an open window for direct access to the operative site for the manipulation of the NeuroBlate robotic laser thermotherapy probe or other surgical tools.