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From the moment the package is opened and taken into the sterile field, it must remain clear how to properly present the product, as well as what steps practitioners need to take to ensure safe and proper use.
No, but if we can do a better job of removing airborne contaminants from the sterile field, then one piece of the puzzle has been addressed in a collective effort to improve overall contaminant control in ORs.
* One should not--touch or pass sterile field unnecessarily / repeatedly lean over sterile field pass between sterile fields
* If sterile field is contaminated, RN to state "I need a moment, I have a question"
Working with material at arm's length, using a hood to protect the sterile field around specimens, was a cumbersome but valuable experience, she said.
He had no way of knowing what, if any, acts of negligence in ensuring a sterile field were or were not performed by either doctor, nurses or other staff members.
For additional length, several blood extension lines are connected to traditional dialysis circuit to allow additional space between the sterile field and the dialysis machine.
Sometimes there were problems fitting the bags into cars and the absence of dedicated equipment created problems, such as difficulty in creating a vital sterile field for home treatment.
I prepared the patient, set up the sterile field, and had the instruments ready for the physician.
Potential sources of bacterial introduction into the intrathecal space during spinal procedures include intrinsic or extrinsic contamination of needles, syringes, or injected medications; inadequately decontaminated patient skin; inadequately cleaned healthcare provider hands; a contaminated sterile field; and droplet transmission from the health-care provider's upper airway.
From his first day there, he was faced with the obstacle of getting into the surgical sterile field in the operating room with a motorized scooter.
Information will be displayed on both boom-mounted and large, wall-mounted monitors, with physician control of the display of information from a boom-mounted touch-screen monitor from within the sterile field. Provisions to transmit images of procedures to outlying conference rooms for interdisciplinary discussion and analysis are also provided.