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While opening the flaps, the farthest away is opened first taking care not to reach over the sterile field.
Operator(s) and assistants in sterile field requirements: hand hygiene, non-sterile cap & mask, all hair under cap, mask, sterile gown & gloves.
IT'S IN THE BAG: David Swann, subject leader for 3D and Interior Design at Huddersfield University, has designed the first bag which creates a vital sterile field for treatment on home visits
I prepared the patient, set up the sterile field, and had the instruments ready for the physician.
From his first day there, he was faced with the obstacle of getting into the surgical sterile field in the operating room with a motorized scooter.
It was organized under six headings: preparation, setting up a sterile field, removing the soiled dressing, cleaning the wound, applying the new dressing, and recording.
This unsafe practice was employed because the registered nurse anesthetist believed the heparin lock provided a sterile field.
The Volcano s5i incorporates Volcano's unique new Bedside Touchpad Controller, which provides the physician and staff ready access to the s5i controls from the convenience of the sterile field.
Among these was an air distribution chamber surrounding the sterile field and surgical staff.
PPE should be packaged in such a way that users can extract the PPE from the package and don the PPE without compromising the sterile field.
In another incident, a part-time nurse anesthetist used a single syringe for multiple patients believing that the heparin lock would provide a sterile field.
I cleansed the wound, laid out the sterile field, introduced local anesthesia, and proceeded to suture.