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Si l'age au moment de la sterilisation continue de baisser, le taux de regret augmentera vraisemblablement.
Sterilisation of Polymer Healthcare Products offers a thorough description of the conventional methods of ethylene oxide, gamma and electron-beam radiation, steam and dry heat sterilisation as well as covering newer methods such as hydrogen peroxide/plasma, gluteraldehyde, steam - formaldehyde, peracetic acid, chlorine dioxide and ozone.
Steam and dry heat sterilisation of biomaterials and medical devices
Of the 515 women who consistently declared they wanted no more children and who met the legal age-parity requirements for sterilisation, postpartum sterilisation was the most common choice of contraception, mentioned by 38% of private sector patients and 45% of public sector patients at the first antenatal interview, dropping to 36% and 31% respectively at the second antenatal interview.
Also included within the company's sales is Advanced Sterilization Products, which offers sterilisation and disinfection products.