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When the loupes are not needed, they can be detached or flipped up and out of the way with a sterilizable joystick.
Lustran 348 resin is sterilizable using radiation or ethylene oxide and meets the biocompatibility requirements of FDA-modified ISO 10993, Part I.
Novotrox filter elements are plastic, so as to be odor and taste neutral and steam sterilizable to 110 degrees Celsius;
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Pechiney Food Packaging, Clichy, France, introduced a sterilizable aluminum tray with a peelable lid for frozen and chilled ready meals.
Groton Biosystems, the leader in automated online bioprocess sampling, has announced the release of a sterilizable, disposable in-situ filter sampling probe for automated and manual extraction of cell-free samples.
Mediprene grades are sterilizable with gamma, EtO and steam, and representative grades have passed cytotoxicity tests according to ISO 10993-5 and biocompatibility tests according to USP Class VI.
One example is a small mechanical injection pump that allows patients to administer their own medicines with high dosing accuracy; it is made from highly lipid-resistant, sterilizable, and biocornpatible Makrolon Rx PC.
Other features include higher peak powers to reduce treatment time, a water cooling handpiece for both maximum cooling and tissue irrigation, variable pulse, sterilizable fiber, a color touch screen and on-board rutorials preset with 28 procedures.