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Regarding trouble- causing dogs, the central Act says on receipt of a complaint, animal welfare board activities shall take away a dog and sterilize it.
Furthermore, for companies that do not need to sterilize components on a large scale, having their own sterilization equipment might be less cost-efficient than outsourcing.
The quick-release system is designed to be easily removed, without the use of tools thus reducing downtime when needing to sterilize the vacuum nozzle, tubing and seal bar.
Finally, remove the bur and insert the handpiece into a bag and sterilize it.
myrrh), and resinous wood in attempts to sterilize items.
The Go/No Go SteriTite[R] sealed container can be used to sterilize instruments and transport contaminated instruments.
Some Catholic hospitals claim that they don't agree with the intent to sterilize, but still allow the operation.