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Instead of resorting to irradiation, ForesTrade and other organic spice companies such as Frontier Natural Products sterilize spices mostly with steam heat.
In the UK, L B Europe Plc make use of the services of Isotron to sterilize their ten litre plastics bags which are then filled with cream or milk.
When you breast-feed, you don't have to sterilize bottles.
Most of them are located in the developed countries, particularly in Europe and North America, to sterilize mass produced medical products.
Rendering may sterilize the animal byproducts that end up in animal feed, but even after sterilization, they're a paradise for new bacteria.
Another method is to sterilize the insect by irradiation.
The Tutoplast process is a chemical sterilization methodology originally developed by Tutogen Medical, GmbH in Neunkirchen, Germany, which merged with RTI in February 2008, to sterilize and preserve tissue for implantation.
167/2015 purchase of paper and plastic bag medical grade (mixed) with adhesive closure and chemical sterilization indicator to sterilize in steam and gas 8-12 x 19-23 cm
An optional stand allows the AntiBac to sit above other items to sterilize as well.