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EPN were applied to non-sterilized or sterilized soil either with or without tomato plants and roots.
Welcoming the order, Arpan Sharma, director of the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations, said: " Lack of effort from local bodies in dog population management is evident from the fact that north and east Delhi municipal corporations sterilized just 19,805 and 22,179 dogs respectively between 2012 and 2015.
In 2009 the government expressed its regret to illegally sterilized women, and the current Czech cabinet has decided to compensate survivors.
Measurements of physicochemical parameters indicated that peeling the carrots before they were blanched had significantly decreased the light transmission, tannins and protein content of raw, pasteurized and sterilized carrot juices.
According to the Associated Press, the fiberboard is made by mixing sterilized manure with chemical resins and subjecting the mixture to heat and pressure.
Findings generally were similar for women with a history of endometriosis and those who had never had it; the exception was that women who had been sterilized had a reduced risk of ovarian cancer only if they had never had endometriosis.
He faults the Israeli researchers for not including sterilized yogurt in their experiments, which could have revealed any benefits of eating the food that are independent of the live bacteria it contains.
Remove from heat and pour mixture into a sterilized container.
However, the requisite higher temperatures demand more energy to reach and sustain, and, combined with longer cycle times, create greater and more rapid wear on the instruments being sterilized.
The container is secure and clearly marked biohazard, indicating that the instruments are contaminated and need to be cleaned and sterilized before use.