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M2 EQUITYBITES-March 15, 2018-TSO3 passes US FDA clearance for upgrading the STERIZONE VP4 Sterilizer
The Sterizone VP4 Sterilizer is a low-temperature sterilisation system that utilises the dual-sterilants of vaporized hydrogen peroxide and ozone to achieve terminal sterilisation of heat and moisture sensitive medical devices.
Market size for Sterilization Equipment market segments - Chemical Sterilizers, Physical Sterilizers and Ultraviolet Sterilizers .
As one might expect, more life scientists use sterilizers and combinations of sterilizers and washers and dryers, while more physical scientists use just the washer and dryer equipment Life scientists also use their equipment about twice as often as do their physical science counterparts.
As part as a valued add feature to their clients the company offers free shipping and backs all of their sterilizers with a one year warranty.
in collaboration with REO Research Institute and the Naga Group, announced the release of the RVK-N1 oxygen/ozone micro-nano bubble water sterilizer.
Depending on the industry and application, WSF systems are known as autoclaves, reactors, vulcanizers, sterilizers, heaters, bonders, impregnators, simulators, ovens, etc.
The Ritter M7 Self-Contained SpeedClave[R] Steam Sterilizer is one of the fastest conventional steam sterilizers on the market.
Rex UHS 9608 MatTop chain is a specially designed for use in pasteurisers, sterilizers and coolers.
Healthcare professionals can sterilize 35% more volume in the same amount of time than with traditional 8-inch sterilizers.
Table-top steam sterilizers for laboratory use typically have a chamber volume [is less than] 0.