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The UV-C Light Sterilizer quickly and effectively eliminates 99 percent of germs known to cause colds and flu," said Mark Feldstein, President, Mark Feldstein & Associates.
We became the first health system in the nation to purchase STERIS VaproSure Room Sterilizers for our hospitals because we believe this technology is a breakthrough advancement for patient safety and infection control," said Dr.
Retrofitted units will mix cool potable water with the heated discharged condensate only when the sterilizer is in use, saving up to 1.
Product Line: The Hotpack Lab Steam Sterilizer is specifically designed for the research lab with a load probe and Fo program.
Plasma (hydrogen peroxide active principle) sterilizer 50 liters: 1
19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Environmental Tectonics Corporation's ("ETC" or the "Company") Sterilizer Division announced today it has been awarded five new sterilizer systems and sterilizer upgrade contracts valued in excess of US $1.
Attest RRBIs facilitate accurate, rapid assessment of sterilizers, which increases throughput and increases inventory management and process control.
Construction work for the distribution of clean steam from the 1st to the 9th PP NP, delivery and installation of the steam generator, new stainless steel piping clean steam DN80, delivery and commissioning of 2 pc steam sterilizers.
In addition, our factory-direct parts and service organization supports all ETC sterilizers thus ensuring our customers benefit from service carried out by factory-trained technicians, all of whom have shop-floor production experience and truly know our equipment.
With operations across the United States and abroad, ProRepair provides repair services for dental hand pieces, and other small dental, medical and veterinary equipment, operative and surgical instruments, sterilizers and laboratory hand pieces.
SBM head of sales Isa Alkan said: "By re-using heating and cooling energy, the system lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - not only for hot water shower sterilizers from Bosch but also for those from other manufacturers.
Environmental Tectonics Corporation's Sterilizer Division announced today that has been awarded a second contract for two additional Specialty Steam Sterilizers with its groundbreaking "One Step" (pat.