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But apparently Staten Island politicians believed that sterilizing every buck on the island would work.
Sterilizing mosquitoes may seem like a small step towards saving lives, but the effects it will have on healthcare could be life-changing for the many who view mosquitoes as not just an inconvenience, but an assassin.
Earlier, a person who had 'parata' at the said eatery had circulated the incident in social media claiming that it was a sterilizing chemical, following which several violent incidents took place in the area.
The results showed that 5% n-Hexane in combination with 2% of H2O2 are the best sterilizing agents for both cultivars when compared to the efficacy of other chemicals.
According to Schafers, there are a lot of capital expenditures related to sterilizing components, such as maintaining cleanrooms, acquiring the proper washing machines, and then assessing the effectiveness of your sterilization through validations.
This 150-L laboratory autoclave has a stainless steel, 500-mm diameter sterilizing chamber accessed via a wide door opening that allows easy loading, even of heavy loads from a cart.
Among the studied conditions, the most optimal one for sterilizing bismuth subgallate is 170[degrees]C, based on EPR measurements.
They cover the steam and dry heat sterilization of biomaterials and medical devices, principles and standards of sterilizing healthcare products by ionizing radiation, the ethylene oxide sterilization of healthcare products, non-traditional sterilization techniques for biomaterials and medical devices, sterilizing and decontaminating surfaces by plasma discharges, sterilization techniques for polymers, sterilizing drug-device products and tissue allografts by ionizing radiation, antimicrobial coatings for self-sterilization, prions and endotoxins: reprocessing strategies for reusable medical devices, and future trends.
Sterilizing the outside of sealed envelopes did not ensure that the letter inside was safe.
Whyard said there are several reasons why sterilizing insects using biotechnology is a good choice for controlling pest populations, including the fact it is environmentally friendly.