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received a sternly worded letter from two European pension funds.
MOSCOW: Sternly warning the West it cannot defang the metaphorical Russian bear, a confident-looking President Vladimir Putin promised Thursday to shore up the plummeting ruble and revive the economy within two years.
The report said that judge Thokozile Masipa sternly instructed the prosecutor to restrain himself from thinking that the case is 'entertaining', following which Nel apologised, saying that he would not laugh again, after people in the gallery murmured in surprise at his outburst.
During a defense ministry policy briefing on Monday, Park ordered the military to deal sternly with any North Korean provocations without "political considerations," saying she takes "very seriously" a recent string of North Korean moves and war threats.
To the great amusement of viewers, a BBC team sternly warned drivers in Somerset not to travel unless it was absolutely necessary - then got stranded in the snow and had to bed down in a farmhouse nearby.
Jordan's government spokesman has sternly criticized Syria for artillery shelling on its northern border that wounded a Jordanian girl and panicked other civilians.
14 -- Sri Lanka's Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse has emphasized that those who indulge in sabotage activities misled by falls propaganda will be dealt with sternly.
Summary: Tunisia has sternly rejected an Italian offer to send police to the North African country to help tackle waves of illegal migrants fleeing political upheaval, saying Monday it would fight any attack on its sovereignty.
The leading Japanese automaker said it regretted that an employee -- a production line worker -- had caused an accident and will sternly deal with the matter and enhance its compliance efforts.
In a speech on Monday, Lee Myung-bak said the country needed to raise its military readiness and respond sternly to the sinking of the Cheonan patrol ship or risk another provocation from North Korea.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton--have been sternly critical ofthe deal signed by the three countries and highly critical of Iran, saying it signed the deal only because it was trying to avoid more UN sanctions.
She's in a bit of a spot though - Zak, worried she's using Sam who wants to marry her, sternly tells her to leave the country so she can't break his heart any more and threatens her with the immigration officials.