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STEVEDORE. A person employed in loading and unloading vessels. Dunl. Adm. Pr. 98. Vide Arrameurs; Sac

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The industry is now poised to benefit further; this time, competition from a third stevedore will spur the industry to become even more efficient, ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said.
80 a day, conflicts proliferated between supervisors and stevedores, and strikes and violence occurred in 1855.
The team was charged with ensuring 100 percent process dedication to manage all theater strategic sealift requirements and coordinate operations at the port, including berthing, cargo staging, port clearances, ship husbanding and repair, and stevedore labor.
He added that "containerization" has made it easier to handle cargo, and he said it's rare that a stevedore illegally unloads or loads a vessel.
More than 10 companies started offering their services, which caused a salary reduction for stevedores and prompted some of them to quit.
Hawaii Stevedores will operate as a Horizon Lines subsidiary and it is intended that all HSI stevedoring contracts and any existing HSI labor contracts will be maintained.
During that week, stevedores loaded more than 1,200 pieces of cargo, including tanks, Bradley Fighting Vehicles, wheeled vehicles and containers to an LMSR (large, medium-speed, roll-on/roll-off ship).
On the other side of the city, the 6,000-member Sindicato dos Estivadores de Santos, or stevedores union, were holding one of their most bitter strikes, brandishing a coffin bearing Ribamar's name on it.
a leading provider of full-service terminal management and planning software solutions, today announced the successful implementation of Tideworks' container terminal software suite at Portroe Stevedores Limited terminal in Dublin, Ireland.
Since 1998, the stevedores have increased the efficiency of their operations, and as a result real unit costs have fallen by 45 per cent.
Other key players include the port of Beaumont, Military Sealift Command, Department of Agriculture, Port Support Activity and stevedores.
23 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority (PRPA) selected Delaware River Stevedores Inc.