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Take her away," I said to the steward, "and kill her; I cannot.
But there, locking up the stores for the night, stood the fat steward.
But, dinner or breakfast, the steward will be welcome, whichever he brings.
The steward made a gesture that signified, "I do not know.
Since I have had the honor of being my lord's steward I have taken the last name as more dignified and calculated to make my inferiors respect me.
Then, raising his head, he attacked grumpily the steward, a lanky, anxious youth with a long, pale face and two big front teeth.
The body of the steward was seen slowly to disappear, as was expected; but when the light waves, which had been raised by his fall, began to sink in calmness, and the water finally closed over his head, unbroken and still, a very different feeling pervaded the spectators.
Then the Steward looked grimly at him and rattled the keys in his girdle, for he hated Little John because he had found favor with the Sheriff.
The chief steward expressed great sympathy with Pierre's intentions, but remarked that besides these changes it would be necessary to go into the general state of affairs which was far from satisfactory.
In came the Chief Steward, trying not to show the Nome King how frightened he was.
On the beach, that night at Tulagi, vainly wondering what had become of the whaleboat, Michael had met the squat, thick, hair- grizzled ship's steward.
This Nome was not unlike the others that Dorothy had seen, but he wore a heavy gold chain around his neck to show that he was the Chief Steward of the Nome King, and he assumed an air of much importance, and even told his majesty not to eat too much cake late at night, or he would be ill.