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The guest editorial by Brink, Schoeman and Muttingh [6] published in the May 2017 issue of the SAMJ correctly emphasised a current barrier to the implementation of antimicrobial stewardship in SA: a lack of undergraduate antimicrobial stewardship training for prescribers.
Facilities must have - "an antimicrobial stewardship multidisciplinary team that includes the following members, when available: Infectious disease physician, Infection Preventionist(s), Pharmacist(s) and practitioners.
The alliance will strengthen existing environmental stewardship by helping farmers to adopt science-based fertilizer application practices using 4R Nutrient Stewardship.
In its world health report of 2000 (1) Health Systems: Improving Performance, World Health Organization (WHO) has identified stewardship as one of the four essential functions of health system beside service provision, resource generation and financing, so as to fulfill the three basic objectives of any health system, viz, improvement of health of population they serve, responding to people's expectations and providing financial protection against the costs of ill health.
The arrangements have now been spelled out as follows: all Entry Level Stewardship (ELS), Uplands Entry Level Stewardship (UELS) and Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) agreements starting before December 31, will continue for the duration of the agreement, subject to any changes necessary due to the introduction of greening under CAP reform.
Responding to these requests, the church convened a consultation called Rethinking Stewardship.
Stewardship Ontario is also working with Tim Hortons to ensure that the pulp from its laminated cups can be converted to pulp and sold to the recycling market.
The time for antimicrobial stewardship is now," says Ruth Lynfield, M.
Stewardship Ontario has assured municipalities that their hazardous waste will continue to be hauled away--albeit by new suppliers the municipalities will need to contact.
With meticulous detail Satterlee gives the reader a survey of different types and styles of stewardship campaigns from pledge cards and "every member" drives to tithing and "first fruits" giving.
based trade group that represents private trash companies is out with a new policy that says successful product stewardship is a shared responsibility among manufacturers, retailers, government, consumers and the private and public sector recycling and waste industry.
Karen Plater, head of Stewardship at the Presbyterian Church in Canada, isn't particularly surprised by this view.