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STERLING. Current money of Great Britain, but anciently a small coin, worth about one penny; and so called, as some suppose, because it was stamped with the figure of a small star, or, as others suppose, because it was first stamped in England in the reign of King John, by merchants from Germany called Esterlings. Pounds sterling, originally signified so many pounds in weight of these coins. Thus we find in Matthew Paris, A.D. 1242, the expression "Accepit a rege pro stipendio tredecim libras esterlingorum." The secondary or derived sense is a certain value in current money, whether in coins or other currency. Lowndes, 14. Watts' Gloss. Ad verbum.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The 1983 machine carries an estimate of EUR75,000 - EUR90,000 stg, while the 198 4 bike is guided at EUR90,000 - EUR1050,000 stg.
This article is not intended to imply that the Hispanic population as a whole inside or outside the Georgia correctional system should be validated as an STG. But, as stated earlier, prison groups associate based on common identifiers and the DOC has noted an alliance among Hispanic inmates that transcends the fiercest street and prison gang alliances for group strength.
Cusick, 37, claims his success is all down to his time at the STG.