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Chairman Greenspan would be forced to stick around as caretaker through 2008 (a solution that would allow the winner of the 2008 presidential contest the sensible job of picking his or her own head of the central bank and having to live with the results).
Jerome Morrison recalled: "He came creeping down the hall, and I saw a head stick around the bedroom door.
Even though I did not spy a pitchfork in the back seat, I didn't stick around to find out.
Create a flexible work environment that attracts individuals and gives them the kind of personal attention that will entice them to stick around.
Connecticut pharmacy schools didn't graduate any classes this year; would-be graduates instead have to stick around for a sixth year.
I've always been a fan of Patsy Byrne's dog but there wasn't much to like about his heat effort when he surrendered rather tamely to Stick Around after leading off the second bend.
That's the reason used gum can stick around under a desk or on a park bench for years.
Mannes advises, "A licensed pest professional will be able to use an integrated pest management approach around the home to inspect, treat and keep stinging insects at bay while giving homeowners the piece of mind they need to enjoy their backyards while the warmer temperatures stick around.
You need to let him know you won't stick around if he carries on taking you for granted.