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I think it's his wish that he can give them that one day so he'll stick around.
Although other clubs in England have shown an interest, Veretout is unlikely to stick around on these shores if he decides on a move away from Villa.
As for how long he'll stick around: "At the moment, I can't imagine working any longer than tomorrow.
"As I said, and confirmed many times, I wanted to stick around and I told players the same when they asked me before they extended their contracts.
Ruby doesn't care about a little obstacle like that though, and she vows to make Nancy's life hell to test how long the couple will stick around.
But if the May 23 date does stick around this time, discounted pre-opening rates begin at $207.20 per night for a room with a view of the city, with a four-day minimum stay for Memorial Day weekend.
This ski season, stick around after the crowds have been cleared from the runs for a treat--a snowcat ride under the stars to a four-course feast.
Sweetly-sung Love Song would be unrecognisable as an AC/ DC track without Angus Young's trademark guitar, Fling Thing is the band's playful version of Loch Lomond and Stick Around is serious stuff.
Just proves, if you stick around long enough, you can become a grande dame whose past is lost in time.
"For some reason or another, he thinks it would be helpful if I could stick around a little while longer," Kilkenny said.
"But I'll talk to them because if we can reach the Friends Provident Trophy semi-final I might try to stick around to see what happens."
Granted, Ford isn't the only domestic that has lost the plot over the years, but the work it began on the Lincolns is a starting point for its recovery, as well as an example for all the other automakers that want to stick around as the competition heats up.