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Clonbrin Best clearly has the pick of the draw but he has been beaten in some modest races since arriving from Ireland, Stick Around and Coilltes Choice may not get the run when it mattters, and Lenson Hero looks to have it all to do.
Two of the three have their eyes on other posts, and one may not stick around a full four years.
Diet books come and go, but some stick around long enough to cause more than a little mischief.
Although a few stick around until a new president has been elected and the moving vans roll up, most others call it quits much sooner--after they lose a power struggle, burn out, or just decide they need some more time at home or money in the bank.
Many visitors first come to Pasadena for the parade and the game, but they stick around Old Pasadena because they like the outdoor hometown atmosphere and all the great food, shopping opportunities and activities we offer," said Maggie Campbell, President and CEO of OPMD.
The after-Christmas sales also gave some families, separated by hundreds of miles, a reason to stick around relatives' homes an extra day.
Wrap the chenille stick around again, and add four black beads for the pumpkin's mouth.
Just don't let them stick around, suggest Marjorie M.