stick close

See: adhere, cohere
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I had but newly finished my fence, and began to enjoy my labour, when the rains came on, and made me stick close to my first habitation; for though I had made me a tent like the other, with a piece of a sail, and spread it very well, yet I had not the shelter of a hill to keep me from storms, nor a cave behind me to retreat into when the rains were extraordinary.
Now the Blackburn boss may be forced to stick close to the side that shared a dull goalless draw with struggling Sheffield Wednesday on Boxing Day.
To create the illusion of limpid eyelids use NARS Matte eye shadow in Biarritz, a bone-coloured neutral, then stick close to the lash line and apply a very thin line of YSL Noir Liquid Eyeliner.
We were able to keep the existing contractors on the job and stick close to the original plans, which prevented a lot of headaches.
Keeper Donald Gow said: "Eve is a little shy and tends to stick close to mum.
After winning Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, Romney will, when the Republican circus switches to South Carolina, stick close to his strategy of not being any of the other candidates.
Liam is a young and active dog who will stick close to you until there is something more interesting happening.
But it's not all about the past, as John will also be meeting some of the people who still stick close to the tracks, and ponders what his trip can tell him about the country's future.
Standing on the edges between two religions, can you see into both better than when you stick close to the center of either one?
Liverpool Coastguards are warning people to stick close to the mainland from around noon, as the tide could cut you off.
Experienced Angels like to stick close to home and find successful investments take place in companies within one to two hours away from their base.
Its 45 brief, well-written chapters hold special appeal for whitetail hunters who stick close to their own backyards and favor the tried and true do-it-yourself approach to outwitting bucks.