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MOVES by the Portuguese authorities to examine Kate Mc-Cann's private diary are "just another way to stick the knife in", her sister-in-law said today.
But if we're going to stick the knife into Aston Villa, we might as well do it with interest.
Thank you so much to those who have supported this decision and shame on Clr O'Neill who, as member for Health and Well-Being, should surely be a voice on behalf of veteran and disabled bowlers like myself and not the one to stick the knife in!
The midfielder, who was making his debut for the Saddlers, superbly powered in from distance to stick the knife in Russell Slade and his side, who could not muster a response.
The recession has made it hard enough to keep a car on the road, now it looks is going to like the Government stick the knife into motorists again.

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