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Version 3--Follow the same pattern as Version 2 except instead of flipping your right stick, throw the right stick to your partner and catch your partner's right stick.
According to Rule 45C, a player must hand a stick to a teammate to replace a broken stick.
Joe copied the second stick from the left of the four upper sticks and repeated it five times below the target stick to make a stick that was the same length as the target.
They took Marty's stick to be measured,'' broadcaster Bob Miller said, ``and (commentator) Jim Fox just put his head in his hands, because he knew it was illegal.
Once the malaria parasite infects a host's red blood cells, it makes proteins that help the infected cells stick to the inner walls of blood vessels.
On one hand, these molecules often stick to surfaces where they don't belong, fouling contact lenses or leading to clots in artificial blood vessels, implanted valves and otehr biomedical devices.