stick together

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We have to think of something else and stick together and hope everything will be safe here tomorrow.
I'm working every day to try to get the results but we need to stick together because divided we'll conquer nothing.
So the key is to make sure we continue to stick together.
creative with Jackett's three an " without There is no need to panic and we have to stick together.
We just have to stick together and keep doing what we've done throughout, if we do that we'll get those last wins.
Dalglish said: "I just think we have got to stick together.
It's not only about Sean Paul or TOK or Damian Marley; it's about the music, and if we want this music to last, then we have to stick together and unify
Not only do these tiny particles home in on tumors, but they also stick together once they enter tumors' blood vessels.
Normally, for the first--to--months of a walrus calf's life, the calf and its mother stick together in waters that are just a couple of hundred meters deep.
They also aren't good for sticky, low-viscosity resins because pellets can stick together before they hit the water.
She and the boys are quite ignorant about sexual matters, for the most part, but they have been warned against pederasts, admonished to stick together for protection.
Girls gotta stick together, so sorting things out with your best bud since kindergarten should be it the top of your pile of priorities.