stick together

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"We can't go pointing a finger or having a go at anyone, we've just got to stick together, that's the best way."
Solskjaer saw Manchester United suffering their sixth defeat in the last eight matches, but he opined that the club needs to stick together to change the fortunes of the team.
But with a game at the Swansway Chester Stadium on Tuesday evening against Kidderminster Harriers, Johnson echoed the sentiments of fellow jointmanager Bernard Morley that the squad needs to stick together.
"It sounds so cliched, but we need to look after each other, stick together, which is what we will do and keep going and keep battling," he said.
We just really stick together and did what coach told us to do which is to play defense,' he added.
"We had a good meeting and they do want to stick together and have a go.
"I'm working every day to try to get the results but we need to stick together because divided we'll conquer nothing."
Try making all, some, or none of the streams stick together. DO NOT get any soap in the water, or this experiment won't work.
"So the key is to make sure we continue to stick together.
"We just have to stick together and keep doing what we've done throughout, if we do that we'll get those last wins.
LIVERPOOL manager Kenny Dalglish expects everyone at the club to stick together to pull through their growing crisis.
Stick Together remains pretty unexposed over fences, and can excel over a shorter trip.