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Under the agreement signed in March 2011, the international lender would free additional funds provided that Romania sticked to its reforms program, which included the reduction of arrears and the privatization of state-owned firms.
From the reaction I received you would think I had pogo sticked naked on to the train and offered to make them all jewellery from my toe nails and belly button fluff (come to think of it - in certain parts of the Smoke that would have gotten me an Arts Council grant and a half-hour special on BBC4).
5 billion and other settlements are not comparable to the trillions of dollars in wealth sticked from communities," added Sasha Werblin, senior program manager at the Greenlining Institute.
Pilgrims have been reportedly accommodated in special places amid sticked security at entrances and exits into and out of the holly Sanctuary.
The SiC particles are sticked to the surface of the substrate and are unremovable during subsequent cleaning (Fig.
Kitty spends three years sticked into Cat's courtly web of deception, ending up in prison when Cat's lies trap her in her own game.
After the design, the device fabrication process follows which consists of Nanowire fabrication, the fabrication comprises of 11 photoligraphy processes, it begins with wafer preparation and this is done by cleaning the wafer with acetone first to remove all unwanted particle may sticked to the wafer surface, this process followed by depositing silicon nitride to isolate the silicon substrate from subsequent structures to be built thereafter.
Traditionally, an ally like US would have sticked along with South Sudan, and if it so believes South Sudan violated any international law by militarily taking over Panthou, then it must at least refrain from joining forces with the allies of Khartoum in public condemnation of South Sudan.