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6 million on the stickers since a sticker costs NT$30.
Stickers with commonly-used expressions like 'good morning', 'cheers', 'u da best', 'wow' and 'lol' are given a fresh and more colorful look.
You can always use a filter and sticker together if you want to get really fancy and send a detailed Snap to friends or add it to your Story in the app for everyone to see.
Multiple genres are covered across 550+ sticker packs, which highlights the colorful and cultural landscape, Bollywood, comedy, festivals and cricket.
It said that the Law Enforcement Agencies, District Administration etc (Government vehicles), ambulances and media organizations should submit their applications for stickers from 16th Nov to 19th Nov in the office of the DIGP/Traffic (Traffic Security Branch) Police Headquarters Garden, Aga Khan-III Road, Karachi, and obtain stickers on 20th November-2016 after 1600 hrs.
Whilst there are some helpful sticker swapping websites available (although these usually involve a handling charge plus postal costs) many collectors simply swap with school buddies in the playground or amongst friends drawn from a much smaller group of people.
HOW TO CLAIM Claim your free Star Wars sticker album and sheet of stickers by handing in the coupon below to participating Tesco stores.
If a vehicle's inspection expires before its registration: Get the vehicle inspected by the end of the month indicated on the inspection sticker.
This is the second time the Panini World Cup sticker album and stickers have been sold in the UAE, the first being back in 2010," says Abed Alkareem Khamees, the general manager of Panini Middle East.
The former Manchester City star posted a picture on Facebook of a Panini album opened on the Italy team which had been filled entirely by his own sticker.
Panini is the world's largest trading card and sticker company with have official rights to produce this FIFA World Cup collectable," said Mr Zainal.
This new sticker collection and album brings together 30 years of Wrestlemania history and is the most comprehensive sticker collection and album ever compiled, packed with the GREATESTSUPERSTARSOFWWE,amazing facts and information.