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In other words, fluctuations in volatile prices should not so dominate the index that, to keep it stable on average, stickily priced goods must suffer deflationary or inflationary pressure on their production.
He jumped a bit stickily early on in Friday's Betfair Bowl but danced home easily, paying a tribute to the Gold Cup winner in the process, and is now plotting a bold course to defy top weight in Sandown's Betfred Gold Cup on April 28.
The reader gets very used to sentences like this: "In an instant the head of his dick would be poking up stickily over the elastic waistband.
The pathology scenes again leave little to the imagination, with a victim's entire brain being placed stickily onto a weighing scale and blood all over the shop.
The physical details are always vivid; we seem to witness the stages of bodily change, as in those time-lapse photographs where we watch a butterfly stickily extricating itself from its chrysalis before spreading its wings.
Henrietta Knight's people's champion jumped stickily most of the way and was outgunned up the straight by French challenger Jair du Cochet.
The wooden shims scattered and the linoleum split as the mighty appliance lurched stickily from its place.
A poignant example is his encounter with Anselm Kiefer's Hermanns-Schlacht book: "On a hot summer's day, the dark ink glowed stickily as if made of pine tar and the curator had trouble in safely drawing back the protective interleaves.