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At its most basic level, stickiness refers to the ability of websites to draw and retain customers (Zott et al.
Another look at stickiness was provided last week by Harvard University's Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, which released "Stickier News: What Newspapers Don't Know about Web Traffic Has Hurt Them Badly -- But There is a Better Way.
In the next section creativity and team creative skills are discussed, then the impact of stickiness stages on creative skills development is explored, there-after the method and results are presented and the paper concludes with a discussion of the findings, implications, limitations and future research directions.
In an effort to measure stickiness, and based upon earlier findings, (20) an HPLC method that measures the extent to which tannin interacts with an HPLC column, was developed.
As stickiness is most commonly evident when dough is subjected to shear, tests should ideally be performed immediately after mixing or processing, eg after dividing or moulding.
Still, it seemed someone wasn't a fan of the stickiness considering the stock dip.
For example, the modeled firmness and stickiness of the cooked rice highly correlated to its measured properties, with coefficients of determination ([R.
The authors, Chip and Dan Heath, explain their theory of stickiness with humour and intelligence, and attempt to guide readers such that they, too, can apply the theory to their own communications practices.
Many times, simply making equipment temperature adjustments during processing can help adjust the level of stickiness (ref.
Nonetheless, Malcolm gives the story all the flavor of Scottish Highlands toffee, without the stickiness of unintelligible accents.
Brushed out easily and didn't leave flakes or stickiness.