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At its most basic level, stickiness refers to the ability of websites to draw and retain customers (Zott et al., 2000 cited in Lin, 2007).
Those messages have the highly sought after Stickiness Factor, the second of the rules.
Al-Hilal, for his part, pointed out that targeting Syria and Cuba by the United States and its tools including known western, regional and Arab countries will increase Syria's stickiness to its sovereignty, independence and refusal for subsidiary.
The amount of time an average user spends on a web site over a given period of time, stickiness indicates how engaged a user becomes with the site.
Keywords: Team Creativity; Creative skills; Stickiness; Skills Development.
The goal of our research is to develop analytics that can more routinely measure the ability of tannin to interact with a hydrophobic surface (hereafter referred to as stickiness).
In contrast, cancer cells lacking the protein tend to retain their usual shape and stickiness, and stay together in a group if they make any movement--all features that would cause a tumor to remain intact for surgical removal.
Operators concerned about cross-contamination will appreciate the pipettes' reduced stiction (piston stickiness), which helps eliminate splash up.
Ot to be confused with economic stickiness, elasticity is an underlying theory in matters of pricing and demand that deals with response.
Stable Micro Systems, the world leader in texture analysis instrumentation, and Warburtons, the number one bakery brand in the UK, have announced the launch of valuable new testing equipment for the bakery industry: the Warburtons Dough Stickiness System.
* Brookfield Engineering Laboratories now offers the TA-ATT Adhesive Tack Tester, which is designed to test the stickiness of adhesive strips and tapes.