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Once the general location of the victim is known, a long sticklike instrument known as a probe can then be pushed into the snow to find his or her precise location.
Renoir's women are partly naked, full bodied and sensual; Matisse's sticklike figures, with their undelineated features, are covered in color.
Every day these endearing cartoon characters, with their sticklike legs and well-padded tummies, strolled through the countryside, Bear in earnest discourse on intellectual topics while young Lintfree chased pigeons.
Marta Yegorovnam, from Petrozavodsk, Russia, wrapped the two-foot long body with a huge head and sticklike arms in plastic and hid it away.
His uniform was too big, sticklike legs under shorts halfway to sneakers.
"Dried fruit and nuts and a daily stock of crudites - celery, carrot, apple, pepper in sticklike pieces - will help keep you going between meals."