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She had come to the surface of the dark, sticky pool, and a wave seemed to bear her up and down with it; she had ceased to have any will of her own; she lay on the top of the wave conscious of some pain, but chiefly of weakness.
Vat Number Thirteen lay dashed to the floor--the glass cover was broken to a million pieces--a sticky, brownish substance covered the matting.
On they came, their patient horses plodding slowly through the sticky road and hurtling storm.
Could we have reached this, we would have been safe; but it might as well have been a hundred miles away as a hundred yards across that hidden lake of sticky mud.
With the mist came a moist, sticky heat, the air was fetid.
So did I and perceived a little creature which looked as if it were made of ground glass flowing in a sticky way across the lighted circle.
The air was sticky and humid, and the rain-squalls were unrefreshing.
But the air was sticky like mucilage, and the weight of it seemed to burden the lungs and make breathing difficult.
When we gave a dinner at home, we had gravy soup, turbot and lobster-sauce, haunch of mutton, boiled fowls and tongue, lukewarm oyster-patties and sticky curry for side-dishes; wild duck, cabinet-pudding, jelly, cream and tartlets.
The girls went to bed tired out; and Maud slumbered placidly, hugging the sticky bundle, found where molasses candy is not often discovered.
It was a nasty job, for the fluid was very sticky, but Cecily persevered and got it done.
It struck him squarely in his left eye, where the egg smashed and scattered, as eggs will, and covered his face and hair and beard with its sticky contents.