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He drew a deep breath of relaxation and finished the glass of sweetness with that sense of self-conscious sheepishness which most men feel when they surrender to the sticky charms of an ice-cream soda.
Other cases could be given; for instance in plants, the very curious contrivance of a mass of pollen-grains, borne on a foot-stalk with a sticky gland at the end, is the same in Orchis and Asclepias,--genera almost as remote as possible amongst flowering plants.
With the mist came a moist, sticky heat, the air was fetid.
When we gave a dinner at home, we had gravy soup, turbot and lobster-sauce, haunch of mutton, boiled fowls and tongue, lukewarm oyster-patties and sticky curry for side-dishes; wild duck, cabinet-pudding, jelly, cream and tartlets.
Then add 2/3 of the cooked sticky rice on top of dry fruit.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-May 18, 2017-Tobii acquires Sticky
The company's gluten-free sticky figgy pudding, a rich fig sponge smothered in a sticky toffee sauce, fills a gap in the market for an alternative to the traditional Christmas pudding for those with special dietary requirements and also those who just prefer to avoid gluten.
Tenders are invited for 520 ea sticky note pads are 4" w x 6" h, cmyk.
QI'VE bought a washing machine and I am struggling to completely remove the residue left from the sticky labels the manufacturer put on it.
NETHERLEY, The Nozz4, Sean Keys FC and The Sticky Bandits were the semi-finalists for the Goals Soccer Centre Liverpool South Kia 5's Tournament.
QMY KITCHEN cupboard doors have a sticky film covering.
brevifolia is more successful at capturing prey than neutral sticky traps.