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Edmond stiffened himself in order to play the part of a dead man, and then the party, lighted by the man with the torch, who went first, ascended the stairs.
he said, and would have gone on, but at that word, as at a pang of physical pain, her lips stiffened again, and again the muscles of her right cheek worked.
Friday, one," she whispered to herself; "Saturday, two; Sunday, three; Monday -- " Her hands dropped into her lap, her face stiffened again; the deadly fear fastened its paralyzing hold on her once more, and the next words died away on her lips.
His body stiffened under Villa Kennan's hand as he drew away from her and stalked stiff-legged to the black.
The dying man beat a tattoo on the hatch with his heels, straightened out his legs, and stiffened in one great tense effort, and rolled his head from side to side.
Passepartout and Fix jumped off, stretched their stiffened limbs, and aided Mr.
Tenders are invited for C/o 90 Meter Span Jeepable Stiffened Suspension Bridge Construction of Jeepable stiffened Suspension Bridge oyer Satluj River at Pandoa Tehsil Sunni, District Shimia H.
Their topics include fabricating stiffened thin-plate structures and the problem of welding distortion, predictive modeling and research on in-process techniques, the experimental investigation of models of welding distortion, computationally efficient methods for modeling welding processes, finite-element thermo-mechanical techniques for predicting welding distortion, and simulating welding distortion in the fillet welding of stiffened plate structures.
Due to their high rigidity-to-weight ratio and economical cost, stiffened plate and shell structures are used extensively in various engineering applications such as bridges, ship hulls and decks, and aircraft structures.
ifty-three year old Nazeer Ahmed Abdul Rehman had not been out of his apartment for four years due to his weight and stiffened limbs.