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For analysis of efficiency of stiffeners it was elaborated the computer program for creation of model of rectangular plate, allowing uniform loading of plate on contour with shear forces.
3] conducted some experiments and numerical analyses on shear walls with thin plates having stiffeners.
They will enable the installation of subsea bend stiffeners without diver or remotely-operated vehicle intervention, saving a substantial amount of time and cost.
GLOBAL supplier of fluid transfer systems, Flexible Engineered Solutions International (FES) has patented its new automatic diverless bend stiffener connector (DBSC) and has already secured around Au10 million ($15 million) of orders for its latest product, says the company in a press release.
Answer: Assuming that you are referring to a Type 1, 2 or 3 circuit and not a Type 4 (rigid-flex), there are basically two commonly used adhesive systems used to bond stiffeners.
Tests on concrete-filled steel tubular stub columns with inner and outer welded longitudinal stiffeners were reported by Tao et al.
It features STI-tuned dampers, coil springs, a flexible strut bar, flexible lower arm stiffeners for the front suspension and Bridgestone RE070 tyres.
If stiffeners are attached to the plate they will form a boundary until they are in contact with the striking ship.
The poster recommends: supple slippers, which are good for balance; softer sole materials, which have better grip; velcro straps; and slippers with durable stiffeners for support.
The cards emerged in America during the late 1880s when they were initially used as packet stiffeners.
Overall, this study did show use of stiffeners is promising.
MINNEAPOLIS, July 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Alliant Techsystems announced the development of a patented automated stiffener forming machine (ASFM) that provides automation technology for the manufacture of composite stiffeners.