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THE father of a British teacher strangled and raped in Japan has appealed for her killer to be given the stiffest sentence possible.
The 12-year-old may not be as sprightly as most of his rivals but guts and stamina are more important in heavy ground at one of the stiffest tracks in the country and he has them in abundance.
Co-defendant Michael Dorsey, who had been disbarred by the state of Louisiana in 1991 for stealing client funds, drew the stiffest penalty: 13 months in prison.
BRITISH Touring Car Championship rookie Tom Onslow-Cole today faces one of his stiffest challenges - the infamous first turn at Rockingham.
To her surprise, Erica found that among firs, the driest branches are stiffest at subzero temperatures, but among pines, the moistest branches are stiffest.
For superspeedway work, says Speyer, "Sustained speeds are over 220 mph, and the compounds are the stiffest and hardest we make.
SAN FRANCISCO - Facing its stiffest competition in years and slowing demand for computers, Intel Corp.
After the Bush Administration stampeded Congress into enactment of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in the fall of 2002, Donaldson worked hard to protect the industry he helped to build even as he levied some of the largest fines and stiffest civil and criminal penalties ever on the Street's former clients.
North Midlands have already beaten Warwickshire twice and Middlesex but Yorkshire traditionally provide the stiffest opposition in the county's four-match programme.
Allied forces are encountering the stiffest resistance of the war so far.
With a flexural modulus of approximately 300 kpsi, Sequel 1880 polyolefin is said to be the stiffest TPO currently approved for use at General Motors.
The stiffest of the fixators varied by a factor of three in compression, five in bending, and three in torsion.