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Add 15 stiffly whipped egg whites and fold into mixture gently.
His amiable but stiffly posed and thinly painted portrait of his parents (1977) is a Chardin-like household scene, although in sparer surroundings than Chardin preferred to paint.
Not wanting to crowd the entrance even more with MSG-goers, ESDC officials felt that those attending MSG events should walk down 34th street to a separate entrance in the western annex--a proposal stiffly opposed by MSG.
He says the stiffly worded warning keeps families from looking at Colombia as a Caribbean getaway.
He arrived late to court on March 10, wearing pyjama bottoms, a T-shirt and walking stiffly, and his representatives said at the time he had been treated at a hospital for a serious back injury.
For the second time in less than two weeks, Michael Jackson arrived late for his child molestation trial yesterday, walking slowly and stiffly into court.
His figures are often stiffly and sketchily rendered--visual as well as psychic ciphers embedded in otherwise highly worked surfaces.
The camera then backs up for a long shot where an assembled crew of local party animals stiffly yell, "Wild On (name of place
Roll the X stiffly, putting your lead hand on the floor.
In fact, Johnston explains, pretty soon it's going to start hitting the middle class far more stiffly than upper-bracket taxpayers.
This "incomparable" basket, probably painted over a number of days, has a weathered familiarity, its ripened contents settled, its branches jutting stiffly out the edge.
Sharp as a tack, in a tone that varies from stiffly formal to sardonic and knowing, Jessica Peers writes a memoir of her years spent in a residential school for autis-youth.