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The stifle joint was accessed via a lateral parapatellar approach.
To perform the surgery, the distance of the tibial tuberosity advancement was determined radiographically, after transection of the cranial cruciate ligament, in the mediolateral x-ray projection with the stifle at 140o extension.
Ministers insist the new law would not affect 'criticism, commentary or ridicule of faiths' but critics warn it will stifle free speech.
According to CLC President Jim Hughes, "The Prime Minister has sought to stifle legitimate debate by having the Court rule before draft legislation has even been presented to parliament.
Since the breakup of AT&T, the regional phone companies have been banned from providing information over their own phone lines because of the potential they would unfairly stifle other information providers and dominate the business.
Abstract: This clinical report describes the use of stifle disarticulation in 2 avian patients as an alternative to transfemoral limb amputation.
Global Banking News-July 5, 2011--BNP chairman says new capital rules could stifle growth(C)2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
FRANCE goalkeeper Sebastien Frey has warned his team they must stifle the threat of Romania striker Adrian Mutu if they are to record an opening match victory in Zurich today.
A LACK of affordable housing could stifle economic growth in Warrington and Cheshire, a study has claimed.
You cannot stifle free speech because you don't want to hear it," said Judge Dembe.