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The cranial cruciate ligament anchors the tibia to prevent it from moving forward in respect to the femur when the stifle undergoes pressure and movement.
His stifle might have come out, either leaving the gate or on the backside.
EU Commissioner in charge of competition policy Margrethe Vestager said: "The Commission's objective is to apply EU antitrust rules to ensure that companies operating in Europe, wherever they may be based, do not artificially deny European consumers as wide a choice as possible or stifle innovation".
Summary: Bryan Peterson, photographer and author, doesn't like to stifle creativity.
MISA Namibia has called for the withdrawal of the Research, Science and Technology Act as it has the potential to stifle freedom of expression, particularly the undertaking of independent research.
h an ould Gunners officials wrapping up the deal did their best to stifle their laughter.
Gary Moss and Harry look to stifle Northwich They added to their tally with a third score on 50 minutes, before Andrew Riley replied after good work from Michael Lamb.
THE owner of a longstanding architectural firm has warned that a new Government bill to put power into the hands of communities may stifle growth and development at an already critical time in the economy.
by Kursha-Louise King DADS AND LADS There's a bond between dads and lads A bond not easily broken There's mostly love there too But mostly that's left unspoken Well he taught me many a thing Always be ready with a quip The drunken way that he'd sing The Sunday afternoon kip But girls I never brought in Cos he wouldn't let them draw breath They'd sit there listening to him As he chatted them half to death He laughed when I had my first shine Me nose all covered in foam But stopped and tried to act brave When my time came to leave him Well I learned how to stifle pain And how to stifle the tears But I'd have those days back again Me and dad, and a couple of beers by Andy Shaw, Rock Ferry
Global Banking News-July 5, 2011--BNP chairman says new capital rules could stifle growth(C)2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
Veterinarians summarize the current understanding of the cruciate ligament rupture arthropathy to augment previous studies, which have focused on surgically treating the unstable stifle rather than the disease mechanisms.
The hornbill demonstrated cranial drawer motion and severe rotational instability of the stifle from ruptures of the cranial and caudal cruciate ligaments and stifle joint capsule.